Saturday, October 7, 2017

Weekend Reading 10.7

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Happy weekend! Is it just me or did this week feel a million years long? For me, the past five days were a struggle. We're still very much in the process of settling in up here in Maine, so I've felt as though half of my mind has been immersed in work and the other half has been completely distracted by just wanting to unpack and get set up. About 90% of my clothing is still in bags, and all of our belongings are in boxes – it's frustrating (so incredibly frustrating - I had a dumb panic moment where I was convinced my leather jacket had somehow ended up in the trash - it didn't). I'm looking forward to taking this as an opportunity to think critically about what we really need though, and what we can get rid of. I'm already compiling a mental list of things to add to my Poshmark - so many shoes, guys.

Because we'll be living with family for a few months, we're only unpacking a select amount of things, mostly just clothes, a few books, and some styling supplies that I use regularly for freelance work. So when we finally DO move into a place of our own, I'm hoping we can finally rid ourselves of the junk we've been toting around for years because it's been too hectic to sort through it (I'm talking about the secret junk - the stuff that gets packed into the moving truck in the final moments. The stuff that you forgot about and now it's too late to sort through, but maybe it's stuff you don't want to throw out either? And then it gets stuffed in the basement and forgotten again.)

So that's what this weekend is looking like for me! Unpacking, catching up on freelance projects, and trying to enjoy the gorgeous weather in the moments between. I feel like I have to say it again, because I'm truly, truly appreciative: Thank you to everyone who has left such kind, supportive comments on this blog and my Instagram. I'll give a little update on our progress here and there in the coming months – it's already been wild and so, so refreshing. Anyway, here are a few favorite links for the weekend:

How to help

So into these vintage fringed pants

Ramona - the hero we all needed for 12 minutes on Monday

On my wishlist for fall: A great pair of boots, a chic menswear blazer, some cute tights,

If you can't find a purpose, find a reason

The prettiest dress for a fall wedding (+ an extra 40% off sale! love this gorgeous silk bandana)

Work and the loneliness epidemic

Urban Outfitters is having a huge sale with an extra 40% off! Including my favorite dress of the summer.

This doormat is too cute

Beautiful handmade jewelry (and some creepy-cute earrings for Halloween)

Making the best of a crappy situation

I've been reading this book and I love it

How cute is this handmade Halloween bat bowl?

Something I miss about city life: Even though I didn't live there, I really miss riding the subway to and from the Etsy offices in Brooklyn.

This cropped jacket would look so cute layered over a fall dress

Friday, September 29, 2017

Weekend Reading 9.29

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Ah! Today is the day-before-the-day! My brother is here, we're off to pick up the moving truck, and my stomach is doing nervous flips. We still have plenty of packing and loading-up to do before we drive off at 9am tomorrow morning, Chris and John with the truck, I with the cat and all the plants (I may or may not have made a homemade sign that reads "babies on board"), but I'm hoping to make one last trip to Kawaii Kitty Cafe this afternoon with Rachel for a little kitten therapy, and tomorrow we're going to grab breakfast at a favorite local spot before we leave. My mind right now: "I can't believe we're leaving. I can't believe we're doing this." (and an enormous thank you to everyone who left such kind, supportive comments on yesterday's post) I'm so excited and so nervous. This is it! See you on the other side, friends, and in the meantime please enjoy these links for your casual weekend browsing:

How to help Puerto Rico

Today is the last day of the Shopbop sale! I'm eyeing these boots and this cozy sweater

WOW wow wow - how gorgeous is this vintage piano shawl??

The cost of emotional labor 

Love these ugly-pretty flats (and under $40!)

Yum - these cute pumpkin muffins look so good!

Love these cute little ring dishes (and her gorgeous handmade ceramic cups, too)

5 things that make moving easier (I worship at the throne of stretch wrap)

Really feeling these geometric sunglasses (so cool with a big sweater)

I'm burning sage like a mad woman these days - here's why

The perfect dress for a fall wedding (and the shoes, and the bag)

Related: how to keep your apartment clean when you're depressed

So obsessed with this cozy coat!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Uprooting (Or: Why We're Leaving the City for the Country)

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This post has been a long time coming. I'm not just talking about waiting a few weeks to write it - this post has been in my heart for the past several years, I have a feeling that's no surprise to many who may or may not be reading. And now HERE WE ARE! In the past, making the big "we're moving announcement" on this blog has felt like an integral part of the process of uprooting ourselves. Like, first we tell family and friends, then I tell the internet at large. But this time it felt too personal. If you've been following along recently, you might have gleaned the past few months have been tough for us. My job/team was eliminated at Etsy, Chris's grandfather passed away... among several things that have felt too personal to post here but that have had a huge impact on us. If anything, 2017 has tested us and given us pause, it's forced us to think of the bigger picture in so many ways, we've faced mortality in others and we've had to face our own mortality, too. And for those reasons – and honestly, so many more – we've decided it's finally time we return to whence we came – New England. More specifically, Maine.


It's funny writing this, thinking back. When I started this blog, I was very much a New England blogger – so much so that people were actually pissed I was moving, ha! – but at this point, I've been blogging in Pennsylvania for six years. Six YEARS. How wild is that? And yet, I think it's pretty clear my heart has always been "back home". We've always talked about moving back, but always in a far off, when we're older sense. When the timing was right. When we found the right jobs. When we had enough money. Well, if there's anything this year has taught us, it's that the timing will never be right. So, why not now? Don't get me wrong, this summer was pretty rad, but it was also very, very challenging. For the first time in my life, I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted or where I wanted to be. As the primary breadwinner of our little family, the not knowing was an uncomfortable place to  be. I looked for jobs in Philly, I received a job offer over the bridge in New Jersey. It payed well – really well. We could have stayed put in our place and continued on with city life comfortably enough. I almost took it. Then Hank (Chris's grandfather) passed away and we travelled home on the week I was to make my decision. Death has a way of putting things into stark perspective and after the service I knew the job wasn't right, and neither was staying in the city. While Philly has been (mostly) good to us, when we thought long and hard about the kind of environment we wanted to be in, the kind of place where we're happiest, this wasn't it. And suddenly a paycheck wasn't enough to keep us here. And not a day goes by that I don't give thanks to myself for turning down that damn job. Essentially, the past few months have been full of questions...

"It's a question I think a lot about - do I move to where I want to be and take a chance or do I stay where I am, where I am comfortable, where I have a good job but I hate the town, the people, sometimes the work (hah), the climate..??? I'd love to hear how you navigate this and your thoughts."

N, I hope you don't mind me copy/pasting a portion of your recent comment in this post... but the questions you're asking are the same ones I'd been asking myself for the past couple of years. Is it enough to be comfortable? For me, it no longer was. I thought about going back to Free People, because the Navy Yard was an environment I was comfortable with and the company was one I was familiar with (and honestly really enjoyed) – but why? Just to pick back up where I left off? Just to stay where we are, in an apartment with a leaky ceiling? The thought of moving within the city was one we quickly brushed aside – we like our neighbors too much, enjoy living across from the park instead of across from more row homes, as much as the hole in the ceiling left much to be desired.

In the end, staying comfrotable felt like a death. We've met some incredible people in this city, but if we allowed our roots to get any deeper, I know we would both feel stuck. If we didn't move, we'd always be left wondering - what if? In making the decision to move, we'll at least know and can put the curiosity to bed. Maybe it'll be amazing... maybe it won't. But I can't keep wondering. Isn't it better to know, to see the other side? And honestly the struggle can't be any harder, at this point we've gone through some shit. This ain't our first rodeo, as they say (does anyone actually say that?). I think a lot of our hesitation/fear has been around jobs and money - afraid of not finding something, or to have to face hardship, forgetting completely that we've been through the wringer already. For all the amazing things that have happened over the past few years, we've also been broke, we've been mugged (seven times!), the car has broken down, jobs have been lost, medical issues that come with medical bills have arisen... essentially, we've powered through all the shit that's come our way. So we can handle all the good and all the bad that may come with this. For the first time EVER, we're not moving for a job (though I'm thankful to have a trial gig with a remote company, making it possible for us to have a small safety net or at least illusion of one, and Chris already has a ton of opportunities he's stoked about), we're moving purely to be in a beautiful place we love. I'm sad to leave our friends in Philly, but excited to get to know our parents as adults, to be able to see them casually on the weekends (instead of the typical frenetic holiday gatherings of the past few years), and to reconnect with our friends in that area (and for the hiking! And surfing! And real winters!). As my mom has reminded me over the years as we prepped to move from Beverly to Pittsburgh and from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, "you make friends everywhere you go", and it's true. We'll always be able to visit Philly, and what's more, our friends now have a pretty sweet vacation spot if they ever come to Maine!

That's not to say I don't have my hesitations. We're lucky enough to be able to stay with my mom for a few months, but I'm also sad to leave the space we created for ourselves. Even though this was a decision we made on our own accord, there's a certain kind of fear that comes with returning to the very small town you grew up in (at least for me), even for just a few months. I'll need to wear real winter boots again – not just fun little booties. I'm incredibly sad to leave our friends and contacts in Philly, and my favorite coffee shop, and the yoga studio I feel at home with, and being able to walk all over the city, and the way sunlight filters down Pine Street early in the morning. And my stylist! I finally found a salon that I love, dammit. But these are small things. Things easily dealt with, and I have a feeling the benefits will outweigh it all. Friends can visit (and so can we). Cool winter boots can be found (plus, I mean snow). In the end, we're SO DAMN EXCITED about this. I know this post may sound tinged with a bit of sadness - but really, I'm exhausted! As much as we tried to approach this move like adults, per usual we're stressed and tired (is there any other way to move?). And I am a little sad. I'm about to say goodbye to our home of three years (plus, no more cat cafes to walk by in the mornings). But in the end, I'm excited for what's to come and for the opportunity to rediscover the dormant parts of myself and to get out of my comfort zone. So Maine, here we come! Let's do this.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September Wardrobe Edit + Shopbop Sale

It's the best day of the year! (Say that in Tom Haverford's voice and it's more satisfying) Shopbop's sale event of the season is here, and with temperatures expected to (finally) drop this weekend, it's the perfect opportunity to grab those special items that make fall wardrobes so fun. A statement coat, the perfect pair of jeans, and a great pair of boots - remember boots?! 

From now through Friday, September 29th at 11:59pm PT, save 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders of $500 or more when you use the code 'EOTS17'. It's the perfect time to grab that special piece you've been eyeing, or to pair up with friends, family, and coworkers to reap the rewards.

We've been sweating here in Philly the past week or so, with temperatures reaching the mid-90s on Sunday and Monday (pure misery), and I've basically been living in a fall fantasy world in my head while wearing the same thing every day. Just waiting to feel the hint of a breeze. With our move coming up (check back tomorrow for a post about it! Really!), I'm looking forward to bundling up in a fluffy sherpa coat and a cozy sweater for those crisp New England afternoons. I've been feeling pastels paired with jewel tones lately, along with needing to pick up a well-treaded pair of boots (real winters again, guys). Above are a few of my picks: lots of sherpa, heavy denim, and delicate florals to balance tougher tee shirts and slouchy sweaters. What are you digging for the new season (when it finally decides to arrive?) please share and happy shopping!

(view all sale details here - some exclusions apply)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Weekend Reading 9.23

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You guys. This week. It took it out of me. Moving is tough. Case in point: I just googled "moving is hard" just to feel some sympathy. I know my posts here have been infrequent and kvetch-y lately, as much as Chris and I are so excited about what's to come, the process has kicked our ass. It's never easy. In fact, I just read that moving is a trauma, and that's what it feels like. I've officially entered the crazy phase where I fantasize about sleeping (just, sleeping. Likw, even a little) and order dresses to be delivered at our new address so I have something to look forward to (a genius idea, if I do say so myself), among many, many other weird habits that have come out of the shadows. BUT! One week! I do have plans to write about our "why" behind all of this, because for once in our lives, we're not moving for a job. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed to actually find some time this week for this here blog. For now, I'm watching Will & Grace (Grace almost moves to Brooklyn! So scandalous!) and sipping Reishi Hot Cacao in an effort to just chill. XO

Design Sponge put together an incredible resource for how to help victims of the recent weather and environmental tragedies

This vintage dress is so sexy and cool

What it's like living in a 500 sq ft apartment

Get off my back

Judy Dench is queen

Have you tried body hero yet? Tempted if just for the big bag!

Yum, this chocolate zucchini bread sounds incredible

Just got this dress for a bridal shower next weekend - so pretty for fall

Definitely making these hand-dyed sheets as soon as we're moved!

Love this cute jumpsuit

This face scrub sounds luxurious

The hero we all need

The cutest little planter for a cactus

Future embarrassment 

Ooooh, based on the name alone I bet this candle smells amazing

You guys... this letter

How sweet are these handmade dipped mugs?

I am Diana from Anne of Green Gables and I am fucking drunk - ha!

LOVING these chic (and totally walkable) heels for fall

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekend Reading 9.17

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Hi Friends, how was your weekend? Mine was... productive (but not very exciting). If you saw this post on Instagram, you already know that Chris and I have a lot of packing to do, so that's exactly how I spent the past two days. We have just under two weeks left in Philadelphia, and I'm determined to not live out this move the same way I did the others (i.e. stressed beyond believe with boxes full of unnecessary junk). This morning, I brought ten trash bags full of donations to Philly AIDS Thrift, filled up five Ikea bags for an upcoming Poshmark update, and spent the rest of the day packing and cleaning. I even hired someone to clean the bathroom and kitchen before we leave (a first, and an indulgence, after reading this article - and yes, I understand my privilege in being able to do this, though I am budgeting for it)  - this is all abysmally unexciting, but sometimes you gotta get shit done. Have a lovely Sunday night!

The perfect bag for fall - how gorgeous is this?

Free People is donating 25% of sales today (Sunday) to hurricane relief - I'm in love with this pretty dress and this National Parks top

Would you travel solo on your birthday?

I just bought this cookbook and I'm in love - I've already made two recipes!

How I learned to stop being a "chill girl" (confession, I have zero chill)

This dress would be so gorgeous for a fall wedding - or a holiday party!

"please stop trying to "empower" women" - yes to ALL of this

The cutest kitty mug

Love this series: what dinner looks like across the US

What a gorgeous sweater

YUM - these apple fritters look amazing

A pretty kit to help you feel calm

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Happy Weekend 9.10

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Happy weekend, friends. How are you? The weather in Philly this weekend has been a dream. Cool, sunny, and just a little bite in the air to hint that fall is on the way. Yesterday I got a much needed haircut, and today we're planning to check out the Mushroom Festival in Kennet Square. And our big project/news for the weekend: We've started the process of packing up our apartment in anticipation of a big move at the end of the month. As much as I hate moving, I'm excited and it's felt so good to clean stuff out and get rid of the unnecessary (while acquiring maybe too many new plants in the process). I'll share more on our plans later, but suffice to say I'm a storm of emotions right now - excited, anticipatory, a little sad, and very nostalgic for our neighborhood, which suddenly looks 85% more alluring now that I know I'm leaving it (ha). What are you up to this weekend? Have fun and stay safe!

The Florida Humane Society and other rescue orgs are already out rescuing abandoned pets (which breaks my damn heart)

It's fall wedding season! This vintage purse would be pretty to carry as an accessory

In a gig economy, how do we define "work"

I just bought this coat and I'm in love

Everlane just launched their first line of denim at an incredible (and almost unheard of) price point - love this pair

This skirt would look gorgeous with an oversized sweater for fall

How to take care of your clothes - very useful

Officially on the hunt for stylish but comfortable and functional winter boots (and I found some!)

How zoos and aquariums handle hurricanes - that first pic though

Would love to drink coffee out of these beautiful handmade mugs

Love this cool pin

This twitter thread is PURE GOLD

How beautiful are these handmade jewelry pieces?

Cookie dough nice cream

A very worthy read: tackling the myth of perfection on social media

Would love to add this to our living room