Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WORN: Alligator Pants & Denim Jacket

 photo IMG_0074_zpsqil30xkp.jpg
 photo IMG_0071_zps7ltjz5x5.jpg
 photo IMG_0073_zpsq7p8ycu4.jpg
 photo IMG_0068_zpsmsekcmtc.jpg
 photo IMG_0069_zpsjif82kih.jpg
 photo IMG_0070_zpsdrta1559.jpg
 photo IMG_0072_zpsm8qsgrfb.jpg

If my 2017 style could talk, it would gleefully scream "sneakers with everything!" while hurling a pair of heels in the trash. Seriously. Maybe I'll find a loafer I really like one day, and I'm sure in about a month I'll be back in Birks and Tevas, but for now - and in general - I'm 100% on board with shoes that take absolutely zero effort. As I get older my style seems to lean more and more towards becoming an amalgamation of my teenage self and my mother's style from the 80s and 90s. Baggy pants, skate shoes, flowy dresses, and silk and linen. It's a weird combination, but I like it, and what's more, it causes zero discomfort. Looking back on some of my older blog posts from when I first began blogging (7 years ago this summer!), it's funny to see how done up I'd get. Granted, I was working in higher education and still working things out style-wise, but oof... so many high-waist belts! These days I tend to stick with a handful of favorite silhouettes, most recently rediscovering the joys of a loose pant like this vintage silk pair. I mean, they're also covered with alligators, which could be part of the appeal, but with a baggy tank and easy sneakers, it was the perfect outfit for an early spring day.

Get the look:
Vintage wide leg silk pants  - similar
Free People tank
Vans Old Skool sneakers
Vintage denim jacket - similar
Free People sunglasses

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Here & There 4.22

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Woof, what a week! What a 24 hours actually... I nearly got run down by a car this morning, left my computer charger at the office (which means it's currently chilling in Brooklyn), and I got summoned for jury duty. Jury duty! Ha! Safe to say, I'm thrilled it's the weekend. Today I'm doing the whole seasonal closet switcheroo and I can't wait to pack away my sweaters and clean everything out. Coats are going to the dry cleaner, donation bags are going to Goodwill, and I'll also be uploading a bunch of new stuff to my Poshmark, which I've admittedly been neglecting over the past few months - so keep an eye out if you're interested in shopping my closet. I've been feeling a little shoppy these past 24 hours, and I think all the new spring greenery outside is to blame. Philly is beautiful again! Tomorrow we're thinking of heading out to the shore to explore the beach off-season. Have a wonderful weekend!

This handmade bag would be perfect for a summer music festival - so cute!

Everything is on sale at J.Crew! Take 25% off full price and 40% off sale - I just ordered this cute gingham bikini and this pretty off the shoulder top

Seriously Taylor, what is your problem?

Found: The perfect Jane Birken basket bag

Well this is adorable

20% off shoes at UO! Including these perfect sandals

Inside the Paisley Park archives

So in love with these minimalist hoop earrings (these too)

I've heard amazing things about this book

A really interesting piece on Nelly Bly

What a gorgeous swimsuit

To stay married, embrace change

Will we abandon women's rights in the name of progressive politics?

This dress looks so breezy and summery

Frida Kahlo's wardrobe revealed

Love these moon earrings (these are cool too)

Obsessed with this candle

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nature Looks Good on You: Drifter Organics

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I've been a fan of natural bath and beauty products for awhile now, I've spoken of it before and even quite recently, but it wasn't until last year that using simple, all-natural products became less of an interest and more of a necessity. See, in 2016 I joined the ranks of the blessed many that experience eczema on a frequent basis. Yay! Actually it's the worst. Characterized by dry, itchy, red patches on the body, eczema is not only painful, but also unsightly. Besides my face breaking out from time to time, my skin had always been pretty friendly and accepting of whatever I put on it. I'd never really given much thought to it and just sort of went about my business. Until suddenly I was prescribed a steroid cream to take care of the skin condition that popped up out of nowhere one day - a steroid cream I really didn't want to rely on. Remembering an interview and tutorial I did awhile back with my friend Caroline for Free People where she spoke of her own struggles with her skin, I recommitted myself to only using all-natural products, especially oils, on my body.

And why on earth did I ever stray? Oils have worked wonders on my face, and for body, I absolutely love how nourished and hydrated my skin looks and feels after I slather it on post-shower, and best of all, I seem to be experiencing fewer flare-ups. Nature really does work wonders. Until recently I'd been using straight-up coconut oil from the jar and still reach for it from time to time, but then I got my hands on these body butters from Drifter Organics. And you guys. Heaven. It's no coincidence that these products would help with my skin issues. Drifter Organics was founded by Micaela Hoo, whose blog Oh My Drifter I've been following for what seems like forever, and her mom, Dawn Marie. Micaela has dealt with her own autoimmune issues (detailed on their site), which is what lead her to create her own body products -- and eventually found Drifter Organics -- in the first place. Made with natural, nourishing ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, safflower seed oil and vitamin E, the products easily melt into skin, and, depending on the scent, the blend of essential oils all come with their own unique benefits. My favorite is Serenity Now - Seinfeld references aside (which I also love), the combination of lavender and frankincense calms my skin, smells amazing and helps me fall asleep at night. For days when I shower in the morning and will be following up with a fragrance, I turn to the unscented Basic, and all other occasions lead me to the limited edition Barefoot in the Park, a fresh scent that's perfect for spring and summer. After using them for a few weeks, my skin feels smoother and more hydrated, eczema flare-ups have chilled a little, and the extra hydration makes the colors in my tattoos pop.

Now that winter weather is finally over, I'm hoping that the combination of quality products, a cleaned up diet and more exposure to sunlight will help my skin even more. Plus, I love how hydrated my legs look after I use a good-quality body butter, it takes at least some of the self-consciousness out of baring a little more come spring and summer.

 photo IMG_9860_zpsvjeqvuky.jpg
 photo IMG_9861_zpstkzmo7if.jpg
Big thanks to Drifter Organics for the chance to become addicted to their products. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shopbop Spring Sale! - UPDATE: Sale extended through 4/16!

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UPDATE: The sale has been extended through 11:59pm PST 4/16

Spring is finally, gloriously here on the east coast and to say I'm ready to shed my winter layers is a fast understatement. Bring on the dresses and sandals and jeans with tee-shirts and don't you dare show me a winter jacket or knit thing for another 6 months! After wearing nothing but jeans and sweatshirts and yoga pants this winter (or at least it felt that way), truth be told my spring and summer wardrobe could use a little help. Luckily for me -- and YOU, Shopbop's first sale event of the year is here... and it's good. I always love Shopbop sales because they make it easy to pair up with friends, family, coworkers, or you know, just treat yourself, to stock your closet with everything you need for the season ahead. For me, this means a new swimsuit (I nabbed a cute lace-up one-piece from Tavik), a pretty dress and summery set from Free People, and a fun beach towel. I'm sharing a few more of my picks for the season below...

+ A cute backpack for my morning commute. Now that the weather is warmer, I'm feeling like I need a lighter, brighter version to carry essentials between Philly and NYC.

+ Some fun sunglasses. For hiding my eyes and checking out cute outfits.

+ The perfect pair of Levi's. For obvious reasons.

+ Some bright and bold sandals. Because basic black feels a little boring this time around.

+ A few fresh activewear pieces... because my old Nike stuff is looking tiiiiired

Happy shopping! What's on your list this season?

 photo image14_zpsouswgdrv.jpg

+ See all sale details and exclusions here. Sale runs through 11:59PM Pacific Time Sunday 4/16 - extended!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Here & There 4.9

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Happy Sunday night, friends. How was your weekend? Ours went in a number of unexpected, but great, directions. We ended up going to our first Phillies game on Saturday evening, then today spent most f the day outside because the weather was gorgeous. We finally made it up to Mt. Laurel Cemetery, which proved to be the perfect vantage point to watch the Regatta.

How cute are these vintage '70s moccasins?

A powerful post on the price of war and what you can do to diminish "the war on terror"

Moscow Mules for 2 - the perfect drink for summer

10 entrepreneurs who didn't get started until after 30

These would look pretty hanging in a window

Adorable pieces for spring - love the beach ball print

The definitive ranking of '90s teen heartthrobs

What an adorable dress

How to sage your home

Gorgeous swimsuits for summer (and the sunglasses to go with them)

This t-shirt is so good

The Eileen Fisher quiz we all need

Would love to add this to our living room (these are so cute too)

I'm a woman and I don't want children

A very encouraging doormat

loved this piece on transgender models in Boston

Wouldn't this be gorgeous for a city hall wedding?

Made me laugh

Love this simple jumpsuit

Peeps soaps!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WORN: Gingham in Society Hill

 photo IMG_9762_zpssm8wx28g.jpg
 photo IMG_9759_zpsgeiiodhx.jpg
 photo IMG_9763_zpsa2tnezln.jpg
 photo IMG_9761_zps0ckao1qq.jpg
 photo IMG_9760_zpsbxm2jmjb.jpg
 photo IMG_9758_zpsnjsvbm8u.jpg

Gingham's one of those fabrics that, at first glance, feels a little precious. Visions of picnic blankets, sweet country curtains and '50s sundresses come to mind. But when paired with the right accessories -- leather jacket, sneakers -- a pair of vintage-style gingham cigarette pants start to feel a little tough in the best way. Perfect for strolling around Society Hill and Old City on a beautiful spring day a couple of weeks ago. We popped into a few stores and grabbed a beer at 2nd Story Brewing, before heading home to do responsible things. By now the flowers are blooming and spring feels like it's in full swing - and frankly I'm ready for it.

Free People gingham pants (similar style here)
Vans Old Skool sneakers
American Apparel sweater
Free People sunglasses
Julia Canwright bag
Schott Perfecto leather jacket

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Here & There 4.1

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Happy April, fools! ...See what I did there? Impressed? No? Ok... It's a new month and I'm excited. And it's the weekend and I'm excited. I just finished up 31 days of yoga (I'm a day off) and I'm feeling goooood and ready to take on a new month, even if it means having to finish my taxes. Ugh. To be honest, despite my good feelings today, this week was rough one to get through. Lots of rain and trains and commuting and cold weather. And sleep anxiety! So this weekend I'm vowing to take care of all the things keeping me up at night so I can start this month off right. I have a lot to look forward to: we're taking our first trip home of the year to see family -- I can't believe we haven't seen them since September! -- and there's some exciting stuff happening at work. I typically avoid going up north this time of year, because while Philly is just warming up, New England is still in the depths of winter, and it's no different this year. Even worse - they're currently getting hammered with snow. BUT I'm determined to make the most of it and am looking forward to getting some use out of my much-neglected snowshoes.

Have a happy weekend - here's a few of my favorites from around the web this week:

This beautiful vintage bag would be perfect for summer

I've been hunting for the perfect linen duvet cover for summer -- and I found it!

How to be an ally - important and wonderful

These mismatched earrings would make a great gift

Growing up on 30 minute meals - loved this perspective

Pretty accessories for spring and summer

On my book list for spring (and another book on my list)

The prettiest bikini - I need a new bathing suit and I'm stressed out about it

Appraising the Brady Bunch's art collection - so good

The most adorable bag for spring

Finding balance in social media

Pretty much obsessed with these minimalist overalls

ICYMI - DIY apple cider vinegar toner

Beautiful shoes - love those palm leaf slides

Are you super busy? Me too. Read this.

For the prettiest witch

Because internet privacy is on the line - how (and why) to set a VPN in 10 minutes for free

For the wild women out there