Sunday, April 26, 2015

Here & There & Weekly Goals 4.26

 photo 11190784_766045720159108_2042393955_n_zpseooddpub.jpg
Happy Sunday! How are you spending your day? I have too much to get done and not enough time to do it in. I'll be spending my afternoon making almond milk, cookies, candles, packing up my mom's birthday gift, and attempting to get my house cleaned up. I've been thinking a lot about goals lately -- simple goals -- and think I'll start using this post as a place to set some weekly intentions. Nothing crazy, just little things I'd like to improve upon from week to week. Here's what's on my mind for this week:

Plan out gym/workout time. I usually just always have my gym bag with me, and hit the gym after work or during lunch when the opportunity arises. I'd like to start being more intentional about it and maybe even start training for something.

Be more present. This means less phone time. I was doing really well for awhile, but sort of fell off the wagon in terms of phone time before bed. No more mindless internet scrolling - I'm thinking of deleting Facebook off my phone, too.

Donate and sell more clothing. I've been paring down a lot in the past year, and have been going through my stuff in cycles, bringing it to Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange. This is also why I've been quiet on the Thrifting front, I just haven't been buying secondhand because I wasn't being intentional about it (and also just haven't found too much in terms of thrifting in Philly). It's time for another clean-out round, especially as my new goal is to get tattooed in the coming months. Time to save up for something lasting and meaningful.

What are you working on this week?

+ How to help the earthquake victims in Nepal

Obsessed with this fringed western jacket from JessAmity! I've been all about classic Americana touches lately, it feels like the perfect marriage of my past and present obsessions.

Speaking of which, these vintage sterling feather earrings would be the perfect accompaniment.

Love this campaign from American Apparel - and this crop top

Inspiration for your weekend

Love this vintage-inspired squash blossom necklace - plus, it's actually affordable

A new-to-me blog I'm loving + how to create a media kit

Well this mechanic's jumpsuit is damn adorable, never enough jumpsuits in my opinion. This one is cute too (and on sale)

The art of being apart

Save an extra 10% off Asos sale! Love this pretty off-the-shoulder dress and this festival-ready mini dress

Do you like Amy Schumer? I absolutely do and thought this Friday Night Lights spoof killed it. Also, THIS.

Can't wait to get my hands on this cookbook!

This made me laugh. "Steve Zahn"

A beautiful dress to wear to a summer wedding

Might have to make these today

Have you heard of The Clymb? It's a flash sale site for camping, fitness, and outdoor apparel and it's awesome! Use this code to sign up and you get a $10 credit!

Obsessed with this perfect hat!

Pretty hair

This might just be the perfect summer dress.

I'm dying to get my knees/legs tattooed - how gorgeous is this?

Save 30% off NEW styles at JCrew! i'm dreaming of a new swimsuit (love this one)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Over the Weekend: Chicks and Flowers

 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 05_zpsyqfordyv.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 09_zpswcrsx25v.jpg
 photo Orchid-Grey-April-21-Chicks_zpsnhaghwev.gif
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 07_zpshw7jnxp1.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 06_zpsursbfdzk.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 08_zps2e4c8f9x.jpg
(No respect for plants. No respect!)
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 04_zpsjotzioqe.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 03_zpsicxyxu5z.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 02_zpsupy3zr1n.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 10_zpsprwgvtdl.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey Over the Weekend April 21 11_zpsvqn9imme.jpg
 photo Orchid-Grey-April-21-gif-2_zpsbj6ciivr.gif
It feels as if it's been forever since I last recapped my weekend. Life is busy, the city is in full bloom.

When warm weather hits, there are few things greater than that first drink consumed outdoors, on the first evening of the season warm enough to allow such things. I let myself be coaxed out of my original plan to go running on Friday night in favor of after work drinks at Johnny Brenda’s with a couple of friends. I regret nothing.

On Saturday morning I finally took care of what we’ve come to refer to as the “Murder Hallway” and/or “Secret Shame”… the hallway leading from the front half of our shotgun-style apartment to the bedroom in the back. We’re still dealing with downsizing and figuring out storage in our new (smaller) living quarters, so over the past few months the hallway had become a dumping ground for things that had no home. It was bad. Really messy and hard to walk through while holding the cat – a common occurrence. I cleaned the FK out of it on Saturday and while there’s still stuff in there, it looks 150% better.

Saturday also happened to be the most gorgeous day of the year so far here in Philly, and I instantly regretted falling down the rabbit hole of cleaning. As soon as I finished I headed out with my camera into the South Philly sunshine. The flowers and trees are in full bloom here and I didn’t want to miss it. I wish Chris and I could have aligned our schedules so we could have gone to see the cherry blossoms in DC or even just to the parks here in town. But a solo venture is just as nice at times, plus it gave me a chance to pop into a few vintage stores along the way.

I’m doing a gardening project for work, which required plants and pots and soil. Rather than go to Home Depot, I made the trek up to Greensgrow, in Kensington to pick up my supplies – and I’m so glad I did because baby chicks. My brother just got chickens at his place out in Oregon, and is planning for bees soon too, and I’ve been feeling especially jealous of his situation. So gifs of baby chicks is the next best thing, right? 

I really need a vacation. This is related to nothing but the fact that I think I really need a vacation.

The tacos and drinks at Loco Pez are my favorite. Also my favorite is the fact that three people can have multiple drinks, chips, guacamole, salsa, and three tacos each for under $50 total. Loco Pez is the best. Especially on a warm Saturday night.

Sunday was far quieter – I’ve been spending most Sundays shooting and getting caught up on projects. Grabbed some stuff at the office to shoot at home, reluctant Home Depot run, planted my plants, spent 45 minutes trying to figure out where to put the plants, spent too much time on the internet. Drank too much coffee. Eggs again for dinner.

What have you been working on lately?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Here & There: 4.19

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Happy Sunday - how are you spending the last few hours of your weekend? The past couple of days in Philly were pretty much perfect: beers with friends -- outside! -- after work on Friday, 80 degrees and sunny on Saturday (with some late-night tacos), and an afternoon spent planting my potted garden today. I'm feeling super accomplished and am now set to spend the rest of my Sunday relaxing with the cat. Here are a few links that caught my eye this week:

How cute is this little crochet mini dress?

The perfect boots for festival season (and every season)

Love these vintage western-inspired earrings

Tattooers drop trou - love these stories

This Earth Day tee is pretty much the cutest

Anne Lamott shares all that she knows

Save an extra 30% off sale items at Urban Outfitters! Love these baskets, this quilt, and this cute lamp.

DIY anti-anxiety oil - because the only stress-relieving essential oils I could find were pre-made mixtures... annoying

Serious shoe love: these sandals, these loafers, these classic espadrilles.

Yum - these look amazing

J.Crew sale is on sale! Save up to 75% off - love this sweater.

Awesome beauty hacks

This little moon necklace is so sweet!

Loves this article - the moral bucket list

Asos is having a huge sale too - love these pretty spring sandals

It's official - gifs are awesome

Gorgeous swimsuits

Fascinating (and famous) death records

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One and Done

 photo Orchid Grey April 16 2015 10_zpsqaimafz8.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 16 2015 - 2_zpse36pq3mn.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 16 2015 - 4_zps7w23q4mo.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 16 2015 - 1_zpsxot0m017.jpg
 photo Orchid-Grey-April-16-2016-gif-1_zpsvjfipm7o.gif
 photo Orchid Grey April 16 2015 - 6_zps5vr85tse.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 16 2015 - 7_zpsulsvyojc.jpg
 photo Orchid-Grey-April-16-2015-gif-2_zpsyfmmu6vl.gif
 photo Orchid Grey April 16 2015 - 5_zpsnevudebh.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 16 2015 - 3_zpskacyzwld.jpg

I could count on one hand the number of times I wore a dress or skirt with tights this winter. A far cry from the past few years when I nearly lived in them. Now that the air is finally warming up and spring seems to have finally arrived, I'm spending slightly less time in jeans, but I won't be retiring my denim completely anytime soon. My favorite combination will always be the softest tee, black boots, and dark jeans. Five minutes and you're dressed, another five to throw messy hair into braids. 

Done and done and out the door.

Get the look: Vintage army jacket (similar vintage) // Vintage tee (similar) // J.Brand jeans // Madewell boots // Vintage bracelet (similar vintage) and antique necklace (similar) // UO ring (similar) // Vintage hat (similar)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

9 Cruelty-Free Beauty Essentials I Can't Live Without

 photo Orchid Grey Cruelty Free Makeup_zps8honkkzn.jpg
Save for a brief period towards the end of college, I've never been a huge make-up person. I didn't wear it at all in high school (except for a few overly made-up and somewhat tragic homecomings and proms), and even now, I tend to stick with the same look from day to day: fresh skin, some neutral shadow, cat-eye liner, mascara. I have my routine, but within that I love to try out different products, always in search of the perfect one. 

I've mentioned my preference for cruelty-free products before, and today I'm sharing a few of my favorite essentials that I've been using lately. I'm still working to transition my beauty cabinet to be entirely cruelty-free (it takes me forever to use up a product, and I'm unwilling to throw away perfectly usable things), but any new purchases must fill that criteria whenever possible. If you're working towards the same, this site has been incredibly helpful in providing information. Read on and let me know your recommendations in the comments!
 photo Orchid Grey Cruelty Free Makeup 4_zpsonpnc5po.jpg
S.W. Basics 3 Ingredient Cream: I became obsessed with this "cream" (really more like a solid-to-liquid oil) after receiving a sample at TXSC. I'm always hesitant to stray from my tried and true jojoba oil, which I use as a facial moisturizer, but after a nasty cold at the end of March, my poor, chapped nose needed some serious healing and hydration.This stuff did the trick in record time! I now use this primarily at night on my face for an extra boost of hydration, but it's also great to rub into lips and hands for extra healing.

VERB Ghost Oil: Another sample received in Texas, this weightless oil does amazing things to my hair. I apply this to the ends of my air-dried hair in the morning before giving it a quick blast with the hairdrier. It smooths, shines, and conditions, and most importantly, de-frizzes. It also smells incredible.
 photo Orchid Grey Cruelty Free Makeup 2_zpsbfdf6h97.jpg
Josie Maran Argan Oil Creamy Concealer Crayon: I'd been looking for a new concealer after finally using up the tube of my old stuff when I was introduced to this product. What I wanted was a creamy formula that went on smooth and stayed that way - no chalky consistency left beneath my eyes - and this easy to apply stick fit the bill. It goes on smooth, blends easily, and has the added benefit of argan oil. This also works perfectly when worn alone, blending into bare skin beautifully.

Urban Decay Naked Skin BB Cream: I've been using this BB cream for a couple of years now, and it remains my favorite. The 'medium' tone works very well for me, and I love how weightless this is.

To be clear, Urban Decay was recently acquired by L'Oreal, which is unfortunate because L'Oreal is a company that does test. BUT, Urban Decay remains cruelty-free, and as long as they stay that way, I will give them my business.

Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream: After running out of my last tube of UD, I picked this up at Target to take it's place. This formula offers slightly more coverage and has a pearlescent quality to it, so now that I've re-upped on Naked Skin, I mainly use this in place of foundation for when I'm dressing up or desire a little more coverage.

e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush: I love this little brush! I use it to apply BB cream before adding concealer, it blends easily and ensures none of the pigment is lost on my hands.
 photo Orchid Grey Cruelty Free Makeup 3_zpsimerto3f.jpg
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: If you want a super sharp cat-eye, this liner is for you. It applies like a sharpie, comes out super dark, and the ultra pointy felt-tip means that you can get as dramatic as you'd like. Most of all, I love that this liner doesn't flake off.

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara: I've been using this mascara since the fall and I swear, my eyelashes have never been healthier or longer. I've had issues in the past with formulas flaking off and even making my lashes brittle enough to break, but this stays put and conditions. I think you can tell by the state of the vial that this is well-loved!

Smashbox Photo Op Shadow Trio in Focal Point: I received this in a Lucky FABB gift bag a year or so ago and fell in love with the combination of neutral hues. I rarely wear any other colors of eyeshadow, because these just work so well from day to day.

It should be noted that, while listed as cruelty-free by PETA, Smashbox does state on their website that they do not test on animals except when required by law. They don't currently sell in China, so this language is slightly misleading and up to interpretation.
 photo Orchid Grey Cruelty Free Makeup 5_zps7q5xzsbz.jpg
+ Do you have a favorite cruelty-free brand?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Here & There 4.11

 photo Cloth20Napkins2003_zps3bj95w7g.jpg
Happy (almost) Saturday! What are your plans this weekend? I'm trying desperately to ignore the siren song of another URBN sample sale, so today we're headed out early, before I can be seduced by DEALS, for a hike... or to Adamstown, haven't yet decided. It's supposed to be gorgeous and I have my fingers crossed that the forecast holds true, I am ready for some spring weather. How was your week? Mine was so incredibly uneventful, it's almost embarrassing. Like, nothing really happened. The weather kept us inside, so both Chris and myself have been working on projects around the house. I've been toying with the idea of featuring some decor projects on here, our apartment  is something I've never really delved into, but I think it could be fun. We'll see. Rambling. On to the links.

The perfect little festival dress - pair it with some boots and you're golden. Love this crochet top too!

Have you checked out My Vintage Spirit yet? They're Pennsylvania-based, which is awesome, and they carry an incredible collection of vintage jewelry. So obsessed with this vintage malachite pendent.

Jess Amity, always killing it in the dress department, how absolutely incredible is this 1970's boho dress?

Have you seen American Apparel's latest model? Hint: She's a cutie! Love these recycled yarn boot socks.

Favorite thing on the internet this week? Definitely these photos. Like a sunnier, happier Sally Mann.

I regret nothing.

Love these cute pajamas.

This made me laugh - Yelp reviews of babies.

Obsessed with these sandals.

So awesome to see Rye featured on the ModCloth blog.

A cute sweatshirt for your weekend.

Watermelon coconut ice cream - yum!

Take an extra 50% off spring sale styles from J.Crew! How pretty is this?

Loved this cute post of Megan's

Take an extra 25% off sale styles at Gap! Love this cute little jacket.

How inspiring is Koya Webb? Loved this interview and her yoga story.

Pretty pieces for spring.

Love this little tee dress - perfect with a cute pair of sneakers.

Terrifying (but funny)

I would be perfectly happy to live here.

Gorgeous photos of Frida Kahlo

Why are we waiting so long to not GAF?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Earth Awakened

 photo Orchid Grey April 7 2015 06_zpsbikttqwz.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 7 2015 02_zpszrxqewao.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 7 2015 07_zps9zdat7xj.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 7 2015 04_zpswpw1mufz.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 7 2015 03_zpspx8ftg5p.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 7 2015 01_zpsop4uhpsb.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 7 2015 09_zpsqbluipvq.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 7 2015 08_zps55y3davm.jpg
 photo Orchid Grey April 7 2015 05_zpsr8i1tukx.jpg

The lightest and airiest slipdress for a gorgeous and windy Sunday brunch. We met up with a few of our friends at Honey's in Fishtown (second only to Morning Glory on my list of top Philly breakfast spots) early this past Sunday -- while everyone else was at church? -- for a communal breakfast (let's be real, I think 9:30 is too early to call it brunch). This weekend finally felt like spring; the trees finally grew their buds, the park across the street was filled with families and babies dressed as Easter bunnies (the best), and the air felt warm. The earth is finally waking up and it is glorious.

I'm not usually one to get fancy for breakfast -- especially when it's a roll-out-of-bed-and-go sort of deal -- but after spending most of the winter in a perpetual uniform of jeans, sweaters and boots or Converse, it felt incredible to shed some layers and wear a dress, especially this one. Technically it's a slip, but easily transforms into day-wear with the addition of a half-slip beneath (snag one for super cheap at the thrift store and never worry again if your shabby underwear is visible through your dress). I've been very thoughtfully selecting a few items to add to my wardrobe this season, and I accidentally wore all of them on this day: A classic leather biker jacket -- a dream super sale find, this lovely dress, and a pair of heeled Chelsea boots. The latter, a Madewell classic, I found for a song on sale from ShopBop last week and snatched them up. A good boot is hard to find, especially for under $100, which is why I haunt sale sections obsessively. These fit the bill perfectly: they're sleek, with a walkable heel, and they'll work for three out of our seasons. I'm all about getting as much wear as possible out of what I own (the boots and jacket have barely left my body since coming in to my care).

If you've been haunting the sale sections too, now is the time to update your closet for the season -- starting today (at 7 AM EST), ShopBop is having their friends and family event, with 25% off merchandise. If you've been eyeing a few special pieces for spring or summer, head on over to grab the discount code and snag them up. I've got my eye on a pair of Frye booties, a Mara Hoffman swimsuit (love this one), and a go-with-everything pair of Madewell jeans. Check out my hearts for more inspiration! The sale runs ends this Friday, April 10th at 4AM EST. Happy shopping!

Get the look: Free People slip dress // Schott jacket (similar on sale) // Madewell boots (similar) // Urban Outfitters ring // self-made crystal necklace // Free People bra