Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WORN: Blue Plaid + White Crystals

 photo OrchidGreyJune21-4_zpsgr8gmyrh.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJune21-2_zpszohzsmhg.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJune21-1_zpsmm8t9uns.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJune21-6_zpszvwo6f1i.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJune21-3_zpsojvlrpdy.jpeg
 photo OrchidGreyJune21-5_zpsfi4enhef.jpeg
Get the look:
Victoria + Woods dress via sample sale (similar)
White Converse sneakers
Sun + Glory necklace via Moorea Seal
Vintage ring
Free People sunglasses

I've been living in this dress lately. It's one of those things that goes with pretty much everything and every mood. But my favorite way to wear it has been with a simple pair of white Chucks and this bad ass necklace from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Annie Rocchio, who designs her line Sun + Glory, now carried by my girl Moorea Seal. I've always been a fan of big, bold jewelry with a natural twist and consider this to be the logical, much prettier, adult version of the ridiculously large hemp and hand-blown glass necklace I wore as a teenager. Woven during math class, predictably.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Here & There 6.18

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Haaaaaaaapy freakin' weekend! What are you up to? I'm vowing to spend most of my day outside, wandering the city and maybe reading in the park. I just started this book an love it so far. Have a great weekend!

How rad is this vintage skirt?

Etsy faves: Love this spooky card set, this gorgeous ring, this gorgeous ring!, this encouraging wall hanging, this cute card case,

Cute vintage-style pieces for summer (love those swimsuits!)

OB-SESSED with this cool t-shirt brand

How cool are these earrings? The remind me of Falling Water...

A list of unconventionally hot men (I'll take Adrian Brody, Adam Driver, and Ludacris, please and thank you... sorrychrisloveyou)

The perfect summer picnic dress

"What Do You Mean It's 1985"

Gorgeous silver boho jewelry for summer (love this indie jewelry brand too)

This camera looks perfect for summer

Amy and Anna swap lives

I'd love to put this rug in our hallway

Really want to add these boots to my collection - perfect for summer and fall

I need this butt pillow (seriously, you don't?)


How to feel better

Friday, June 17, 2016

7 Ways to Feel Better, When You Just Aren't Feeling It

 photo image 43_zpsytvi0qzn.jpeg

This week took it out of me. Leaving at a moment's notice to drive to Maine, dealing with the drama of a family crisis while attempting to work at the same time... yesterday was my first day back in the office after the shit hit the fan and I spent most of it wishing I could curl up in the fetal position and sleep for a week. I think after being pulled in so many directions for so many days, my body just buckled at the first sign of calm. So yeah, I felt (still feel) rough, and my mind is wandering to ways to make myself feel better and I kind of want to do them all at once... which is probably pointing to the larger problem of me not allowing myself the time I need to slow down when I really, really need to. So I'm sharing them with you today, in case you need a little care, too. I'll be spending this weekend getting back to some semblance of normal, which usually means cleaning, reading, and wandering the city.

Stop checking Facebook: It will only lead to sad thoughts and the increasing realization that the world is in rough, rough shape. I'm not saying you should bury your head in the sand and ignore the facts, but maybe you don't need to be reading the updates of 500 friends and relatives of opposing viewpoints when you're feeling down and out. Take a break. And consider taking a break from all social media, if you find yourself feeling particularly vulnerable.

Buy yourself some flowers: Maybe this sounds stupid and obvious, but I don't give a shit, buying yourself flowers is one of the simplest, prettiest ways ways to show yourself some love. Plan it right, and those babies will be there all week cheering you on (I buy mine on Fridays to enjoy throughout the weekend). I like roses and sunflowers and other species that won't kill my cat when he inevitably ingests them, but it's peony season, so if you're cat-free (or simply live with a feline who isn't a jerk) buy those. Because peonies are gorgeous. And it's hard to feel bummed out when a big puffy cloud of a flower is staring you in the face.

Get moving: Right now, I'm trying to get myself motivated to hit the gym. I know if I do, I'll feel a hell of a lot better about life, and maybe work through some stuff at the same time. Exercise releases endorphins and... blah blah blah... it just makes you feel good. For me, movement is the fastest way to a clearer head and better mood, and the easiest way to lift a fog when I'm feeling down. (Update: I went to the gym. I didn't do as much as I usually do, but I did something. And I feel about 80% better than I did).

Socialize... or not: As an introvert, it's easy for me to close myself off. I have no trouble being alone, which can have its disadvantages. Instead of wallowing and over thinking everything this weekend, I'm going to try to get out and maybe see some people because I know it will do me some good to get out of my own head. Conversely, if you're feeling the exhaustion that i imagine would come with being an extrovert, maybe try staying in. Or... just do what you want to do and give yourself permission to be OK with it.

Treat yourself: Not with food, because that's a weird, emotional slippery slope (for me, at least). And not with any extravagant purchases (again... slope = slippery). But if you have a gift card or store credit or coupon to someplace, now is the time to use it. I save my gift cards to use specifically in times of emotional low-ness, to spend on something nice. Or I purchase something small, like a nail polish or magazine, that I can use right then and there. New underwear never hurt, either.

Work on a project: Something that isn't watching TV or scrolling through your phone. Work on something that enriches you, that's just yours. Take pictures for the sake of taking pictures, draw, paint... doesn't matter. Cook something. Do something actively engaging to get your mind off whatever it is that's bothering you or making you feel shitty.

Call someone: I hate the phone, but I always feel better after reconnecting with a friend. If you need to complain, call the friend who lets you complain. If you need to laugh, call that friend. If you need to feel better about yourself and told how awesome you are and how you're a beautiful flower, call your mother. If you have no one to talk to, talk to your pet (or just hug them while they struggle). If you don't have a pet, get yourself to a cat cafe, stat.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Here & There 6.13: Links On A Monday

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Happy Monday night, friends. How are you? Chris and I have found ourselves unexpectedly in Maine after his mother experienced three heart attacks this past weekend, so life has been understandably frantic these past few days. Coupled with the general news of the world (Orlando... the Stanford rape case...) I'm feeling a little off-kilter, emotional, and really stressed out. As much as I hate the facts that brought us north this time around, it's always cathartic to retreat to this place, where the world feels a little quieter and thoughts can be better digested. It's comforting to be around family -- which includes our incredible network of friends, who didn't hesitate to let us crash with them when we needed to be close to the hospital and who kindly took on the responsibility of feeding Zephyr while we're away. I'm happy to report that Chris's mother's heart surgery went well, and she was in good spirits when we visited her today. It'll be a crazy couple of days as we get her situated and learn more about what her recovery will entail.

I've come to the realization lately of how little time I leave for myself to just be. That's something I'm going to be working on much more diligently after all of this insanity. I need to turn off more, unplug, and allow creativity to come to me, rather than constantly seeking it out. The more I seek, the more it eludes, it seems. Anyways, I hope you're doing good. Are you doing good? Here are some links for your week...

How insanely awesome is this vintage psychedelic duster jacket?

June style picks: A cute scalloped bikini, a commuter-ready backpack, a sweet denim romper, a good graphic print, and a great cross-body bag

One crazy photo coincidence 

My latest beauty opbsession

A cute, summery dress & the shoes to go with it

Take control of your life

The perfect straw boater hat

Obsessed with these cute ceramics

The funniest Instagram account

Moorea Seal is now carrying one of my favorite jewelry designers! So in love with this necklace

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

White Embroidered Dress + Pittsburgh For The Weekend

 photo Photo Aug 28 12 06 25 AM_zpsidyn9act.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 28 12 05 27 AM_zpsqqaevcok.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 28 12 05 16 AM_zpstmaiyifx.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 28 12 06 05 AM_zpsa9o4fnk2.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 28 12 05 21 AM_zpsoyyyn1zz.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 28 12 06 27 AM_zpssajmpe7j.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 28 12 07 24 AM_zpsf2ldcahn.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 28 6 57 28 PM_zpsgik8p2w7.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 27 11 55 06 PM_zps5pnvwdgd.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 28 7 45 15 PM_zpsj10njbzi.jpg
It's been a whole two years since I was last in Pittsburgh. Which blows my damn mind. In case you weren't aware, Pennsylvania is a big state, you guys; it takes almost at much time to get to Pittsburgh from Philly as is does to get from Philly to Boston. And when Chris and I are met with several days off in a row, our instinct is to always drive NORTH. Why this is, I couldn't tell you. But our internal compasses are always pointed directly upwards. But with a four day weekend in front of us for Memorial Day, we bucked tradition and decided to pay our friends, and the city we used to call home, a visit. The drive was long but gorgeous, just as expected. This state really is beautiful.

Hopping in the car on Friday afternoon, we rolled in to Pittsburgh around 9 PM, which gave me enough time to get briefly lost, drop Chris with our friend Ryan, and meet up with two of my best Pittsburgh lady friends for dinner at Spork and then drinks the new Ace Hotel. So much has changed in the two years since we split for Philly, East Liberty looks like an entirely new city while Bloomfield (save for Penn Ave.) looks precisely the same as when we left it. Change is to be expected, I know, but I think it's especially noticeable in smaller cities (I'd say the same for Portland, ME, which seems to transform more and more between visits). It's bittersweet - change can be good, but it's sad to see old haunts and beautiful architecture be replaced with the often homogeneous apartment buildings and name-brand stores you see everywhere. We woke to gloriously sunny skies and blazing heat on Saturday and after a big breakfast headed out in the direction of Juju. I was so excited to see Leslie's storefront - and it didn't disappoint! So, so gorgeous, and filled with basically everything I love in this world. After our walk to Point Breeze, Chris and I headed down to Smoke for a late lunch/very early dinner. Smoke was one of our go-to's when it was still in Homestead. It was close to our first PGH apartment, and we'd often find ourselves there after grabbing groceries or before catching a movie. It's since moved to a larger space in Lawrenceville, but the menu is just as good as it's always been. If you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, I can't recommend it enough. Everything is good. Sunday promised slightly more threatening weather, so after grabbing breakfast at the Millvale diner, we holed up at Spirit with our friend Ryan for most of the day (which is maybe a little embarrassing), before departing to Dormont to catch fireworks with even more friends. Monday it was time to say goodbye, but not before a stop in Braddock to see a friend's incredible new home.

It was a low key weekend, for sure, but exactly what I wanted it to be. Spent exactly how it would have been if we still called Pittsburgh home. I'm glad we made the drive, too. Maybe from here on our our compasses will be pointed westward more often.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Here & There 5.27

 photo OrchidGreyMay28_zpseq8p4bwr.jpeg
Happy (long) weekend, everyone! How are you celebrating the unofficial start of summer? We have some fun things planned this weekend because Chris and I actually have THREE WHOLE DAYS OFF TOGETHER. It's unprecedented. I almost don't know what to do with myself. Except I do and we're gonna have a great time. Happy summer!

Speaking of summer, these dragonfly earrings are perfect

The most gorgeous vintage suede fringe jacket

Save 25% off sale items from Free People - love these little boots

"The right to disconnect"

25% off at Allen Company Vintage - how pretty is this vintage lace dress?

Up to 70% off Moorea Seal - Love these sunnies and this hat

Where's Warhol? This book looks awesome!

This dress would be gorgeous for a casual wedding with these ankle wrap sandals

So in love with these beaded pieces.

These handmade patches are so cool

Wow, this animation is gorgeous

Free shipping this weekend from Glossier! Get 20% off your order here

"Literally dying" this made me laugh

25% off shorts & graphic tees from UO - love this one

ICYMI: Why do classical scupltures have such small penises?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vintage Cropped Jeans + A Giant Crystal Necklace

 photo Photo Aug 23 4 32 01 PM_zpsojdpyior.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 32 57 PM_zpsixtgqg6y.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 29 30 PM_zpsyns5ruaq.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 28 08 PM_zpsytw1yjyg.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 30 20 PM_zpsqokwmtwg.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 29 23 PM_zpskeet2isz.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 27 23 PM_zpst7uphabp.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 32 21 PM_zpsivr88dwd.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 33 50 PM_zpsjeommy18.jpg
 photo Photo Aug 23 4 34 51 PM_zpsk5hnwszw.jpg
And suddenly it's summer. That's how it always is, eh? Fifty degrees on Saturday, eighty today. Ninety tomorrow. It's here, and I'm getting in as much time with my beloved denim as I can, because from here on out it's skirts, shorts, and dresses. Anything that will keep me cool and from wanting to jump in the Schuylkill. These cropped Levi's have been on heavy rotation lately, usually paired with a button-up of some sort and a big piece of jewelry, like this incredible Leia Beila piece from Moorea Seal. While they might look like a modern pair, I found these jeans in a Western Pennsylvania Salvation Army, having clearly once belonged to someone much shorter than myself. Originally bought with the intention of turning them into cut-offs, it was Chris who saw their potential as-is. The perfect bleached out lines once I let out the hem, perfect length, and though they were outside of my comfort zone at the time, I'm glad I listened and didn't make the cut. Long live thrift shopping.

Get the look:
Vintage jeans (similar)
Jeffrey Campbell heels from a sample sale (similar)
Vintage jacket (similar)
Sample sale shirt (similar)
 photo Photo20Aug20162012018201120AM_zpsvpuhzyt3.jpg