Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Worn: Early Autumn

 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September242014-3_zps4cc13604.jpg photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September242014-1_zps8b773821.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September242014-2_zps68e5c9e3.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September242014-4_zps04a33bef.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September242014-7_zpse4a36b20.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September242014-6_zpsdc743be4.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September242014-5_zps94f06de2.jpg

I'm not going to lie, I'm in need of a good, solid dose of inspiration. My schedule has changed so much in the three months I've been in Philly, and -- besides the occasional upset -- I feel as though I'm wearing the same thing day after day, for convenience and function. This is a feeling that has left me feeling at odds with my closet, despite knowing full well that there is plenty to wear. Usually, I'm in some combination of jeans and a tee. It's easy, but it's starting to feel stale (and by starting to, I mean I'm over it).

These were taken a few weeks back, on a day when I had a little extra time in the morning to get dressed. I wore this to work, and promptly changed into jeans and a tee (!!!) once I got home to go out with Chris. One thing I am learning? How to love sneakers again. After years of not liking how my legs looked wearing sneakers, I'm saying 'F it' and just doing the damn thing. Time is of the essence lately, and sneakers are comfortable, and more importantly, allow me to move. It's a plus that classic Chucks look pretty decent with most things.

Get the look: Jacket: Aeropostale (c/o) // Top & skirt: Lulu's (similar & similar) // Earrings & bar necklace: Black Crystals // Sunglasses: RayBan Wayfarers // Converse Chuck Taylors

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Here & There 9.30

 photo SullivanOwen17_zpsbf9f5ea0.jpg
I can't believe it's the last day -- the last night! -- of September. This month has flown right by and I'm spending these last few hours exactly how I want to be: Drinking wine, watching Scandal, and blogging. Am I a stereotype? Perhaps. Am I perfectly content to be? Sure. This past weekend was so good, my mom came to town and I got to play tourist and tour guide. Despite waking up with one hell of a cold on Saturday, I had a great time and it was exciting to show my mom our new home.

 photo OrchidGreyHereThere9_zpsec259f3c.jpg

// Vintage 60's moccasins from Jess Amity

// Love this cute vintage sweater from WoldMamaVintage - save 15% w/code 'ORCHIDGREY'

// How gorgeous is this incredible hair pin

// Essentially how I feel about the Internet lately.

// These are pretty bad ass.

// Dead boyfriends and rebel girls.

// I can't stop laughing at this: Women who want to be left alone in western art history.

// These jeans might just be perfect.

// The perfect thing for fall.

// On my list of things to try: this beautiful facial serum.

// Some very unexpected maps.

// Awesome travel tips from Anthony Bourdain.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Worn: Calico Silk

 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September232014-2_zpsac9ad6b7.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September232014-1_zpsc9412ff1.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September232014-3_zpsd3596db5.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September232014-4_zps96aa679b.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September232014-6_zpsbe28d324.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September232014-5_zpsa800eda7.jpg
It's finally boot season! As much as I love my Birkenstocks, I'm happy that the weather is cool enough to be able to switch up my footwear. A new season always means new inspiration, something I've been in desperate need of lately.

With a new job that requires me to be taking photos for half the day (not complaining at all), I've been feeling a little stumped when it comes to personal style. I need to be comfortable, and for someone who is generally uncomfortable 85% of the time, that's a difficult thing to achieve. Even now, I'm wearing pajamas and I'm not that comfortable. My body just rejects any form of restriction. I completely envy women who choose to live in yoga pants and flip flops. If I didn't like color and pattern and clothes so much, I'd be right there too. But I do love those things. And so I must get dressed. This kind of lack if inspiration/fashion distress usually happens when I go through a big transition, it's a new job and new city, so it's only natural that I might start to desire a new look as well.

Instead of buying up everything in sight, I've been methodically purging everything in my wardrobe that doesn't matter and that I don't love. Which is, embarrassingly, a lot. I've become a bit of a regular at Buffalo Exchange, and as much as I've resisted buying anything while I sell stuff, I couldn't resist bringing home this amazing vintage silk mini dress. It's true, I've mostly been drawn towards neutrals lately, but I can't shake my soft spot for gorgeous patterns, and this dress IS IT. I'm looking forward to wearing it as a top with destroyed jeans and boots as we get further into fall.

Get the look: Dress: Vintage (similar) // Boots: Seychelles // Sweater: J.Crew (similar) // Bag: Omnia Vintage (c/o - similar) // Bracelet: Studebaker Metals.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumnal Goals

It's strange that fall is officially here. Since we moved, the days and weeks have been flying by at an alarming rate, and as much as I've anticipated this new season, it's hard to believe summer is already past. I've mentioned more than once how excited I am to transition into a new season, summer was wonderful, but it was also marked by a fair amount of disruption and for most of it I felt mentally disorganized. Along with anticipating cooler weather, I've also just needed a tangible transition to help me change my mindset, of both myself and my surroundings. That sounds like I don't like Philadelphia and that's not what I mean ... what I mean is that I'm ready to stop feeling like a tourist in my own town and maybe put a little more effort into connection.

The equinox, especially the autumnal equinox, is a time to seek balance, and that's exactly what I intend to do this year. What I need to do. It's always struck me as funny -- really sort of counter intuitive -- that our busiest season, whether it's with work, school, social calendars, etc is a time when the earth is putting itself to bed and allowing itself to rest. Why don't we do the same? I'm pretty good at taking care of myself physically, but it's become clear these past few months that I also need to practice better self care when it comes to my mental well-being. I need to take the time.

I recently wrote about the idea of "taking time" for work, and someone left a comment that really stuck with me. Basically, it boils down to: Devote an hour each day to your own personal wellness. It's such a simple idea, but one that easily gets lost in the fray. "Wellness" can mean anything, really, that you do for yourself, reading, working out, volunteering ... whatever. Unfortunately it's an idea that has been a bit lost to me lately. On this (almost) equally balanced day I'm making the resolution to seek balance in my life this season.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Currently + Here & There 9.22

 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September222014-3_zpsc51cb252.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September222014-1_zps405fe072.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_September222014-2_zps3e11d3af.jpg
Oof. Coming off a real long week last week but a really great, productive weekend. Currently:

Sorting through a ton of outfit pics that I took but haven't had time to post. I've been attempting to reach some sort of balance in my life lately, which has proven to be a bit of a struggle. I still love blogging, but sometimes it feels so great to just not be on the internet.

Anticipating the autumnal equinox. Chris and I pretty much spent all of Sunday cleaning and organizing and our place feels so good and ready for the new season. I can't wait for fall.

Working on being kinder to myself. It kind of blows my mind how different of an experience this move was compared to when we moved to Pittsburgh. In a lot of ways it was easier -- an easier transition, an easier season to move in -- but mentally, well, I've been rough on myself these past couple of months and I've been working on quieting my inner critic

Watching a lot of old movies on Netflix and Hulu. After watching the new T.V. version of From Dusk Till Dawn, I finally watched the original and was reminded of how much I love Quentin Tarantino movies.

Looking forward to my mom coming to visit this weekend! She'll be our first house guest in our new place and I can't wait for her to see it, and to show her our favorite Philadelphia spots.

Happy about finally getting out running again. I missed it! And running is so much better when it's not a million degrees.

Wearing: Above - Tee, Slip (similar), Jacket: Vintage // Sandals: Zara (similar - on sale!) // Necklace: Free People.

A few more things that caught my eye:
 photo WeekendWishlist922_zps279ebc69.jpg

// Black Crystals just added new styles to the shop and I'm in love. This opal moon necklace is gorgeous. Save 15% w/code "orchidgrey"

// Loving this cute tan crop top from Wolf Mama Vintage. Save 15% w/code "orchidgrey"

// An adorable dress for fall from Melissa Hojnacki.

// How I'll be honoring the autumnal equinox. What are your plans?

// 25 famous women on not having children. Word.

// The best (and most interesting) Wikipedia article.

// An adorable skirt for fall (wouldn't it be cute with a fuzzy grey sweater?)

// High school girls can be brutal, but they can also be great.

// 3 fall outfits inspired by my favorite films.

// I would love to visit this place.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Here & There 9.16

 photo Day-to-Night-5_zps5d389aad.jpg
Let's hear it for fall weather! It's finally cooling off, my clothes are all unpacked, and I feel somewhat human again. All I need to do is finally get a (much needed) haircut, get my monstrous eyebrows under control, and I'll be back to normal. Cheers to the start of your week, hope you're feeling good and positive.
 photo WeekendWishlist915_zps51d12fb8.jpg
// The loveliest fall dress from FP - how gorgeous is that silhouette? So flattering.
// Love this tooled leather hair pin from Jess Amity, those colors!
// This jewel-tone handbag is just so pretty - the opposite of rustic fall colors, but still autumnal.
// Always excited when Black Crystals rolls out a new style. Loving this amethyst druzy necklace. Save 15% w/code 'orchidgrey'.
// Wolf Mama Vintage always has the best stuff - how amazing is this vintage Dooney & Bourke bag? Save 15% w/code 'orchidgrey'.
// The coolest handmade dress from Melissa Hojnacki - love those back buttons!
// Dig the photo above? You can read the full post here.
// Amy Pohler is rad. That is all.
// How to start a running routine.
// The chicest pregnant woman I have ever seen.
// Forever 21 is killing it for fall: Love these loafers, these flatforms, this jacket, this coat, this skirt, and this sweater.
// Well, these photos are just gorgeous.
// Stephen King's most hated expressions.
// I think I need these in my life again.
// Tieka looks amazing in this outfit. Love love.
//What to eat before a short run.
// 25% off tops at Asos, including the most perfect tee shirt.
// Just got these running tights and I love them - great fit and amazing price (I take a M for size reference)!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Worn: Final Days Of Summer

 photo OG_JulieSharp_August1-3_zps555c1a0e.jpg
 photo OG_JulieSharp_August1-1_zpsa7505667.jpg
 photo OG_JulieSharp_August1-2_zps16470f53.jpg
 photo OG_JulieSharp_August1-4_zps62dbba6c.jpg
 photo OG_JulieSharp_August1-5_zpsebf573e8.jpg
It could be easy to complain about the brutally hot day forcasted for today, but I know it's summer's last gasp. The air -- and more importantly our apartment -- has finally cooled a bit, especially in the mornings and evenings and I'm so happy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a nice cool weekend so I can finally finish unpacking.

Another upside of this suddenly cooler weather? I can wear one of my favorite combinations: Shorts and a sweater or sweatshirt. I don't know what makes it so cozy, but there's just something about wearing the layers up top and having your legs free. The best.

Get the look: Sweater, shorts, & jewelry: vintage and/or thrifted, Birkenstock sandals